Functions and Benefits of Tea Seed Meal

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Tea seed meal,it's a kind of residue of Camellia seed after extracting oil. As a kind of multi-purpose organic fertilizer, it is widely used in agriculture and aquaculutre area. Non-toxic, no harm, safe to the human and the plant, no pollution to the water and the soil.


1.) Killing snails with high effect and no toxic residue

Tea seed meal with straw can be used in paddy field, vegetable field, flower field and golf court to kill apple snail, golden apple, Amazonian snail, earthworm and so one. And it won’t bring harm to the rice, vegetable, flower and it widely used for worm-controlling on golf courses, grasslands, rice paddies,etc.

2.) Cleaning pond with no pollution

Tea seed meal with straw can kill the unusable fish, loach, tadpole, frog-spawn and other aquicolous insects. It also can accelerate the growth of aquatic-gross and fasten the exuviations of shrimp and crab, but never threaten them.

3.) Natural organic fertilizer

Tea seed meal with straw can adjust the soil trace elements and promote the growth of plant roots. It can get rid of the pests, diseases, virus, and even enhance the resistibility to the pests and diseases.

4.) Feed additives

Tea seed meal is rich in different kinds of nutrient substances, including protein, sugar, fiber and so on. So it can be used as feed raw material after detoxication. Tea seed meal is a kind of non-pollution and green organic additive, it can increase the production in fishery.