Earth worm casting control


Crushed Tea Seed Pellet is widely used for earth worm casting control on golf courses and sports turf,is an organic NPK fertilizer. It is the residue of tea seeds (camellia seeds) after the oil extraction process. The active ingredient is tea saponin. This is known to suppress earthworm activity reducing worm casting on sports turf surfaces.

As a 100% organic plant based fertilizer, Crushed Tea Seed Pellet has a max. 4% total NPK and 80% organic matter.


Tea Saponin 18%min.

Nitrogen 1.5%min.

Phosphorus 0.5%

Potassium 1.1%min.

Organic matters 80%

Moisture 9.5%max.

Pallet size: 1-4mm.


1. Cost effective, direct spread application.

2. Environmentally friendly, 100% natural, non-toxic, safe for humans & animals.

3. Natural organic NPK fertilizer with good OM levels.

4. Effective suppression of earth worm activity reducing casting.

5. Effective suppression of nematodes activity

Application: Direct spread

Application Rate:  200 - 300kg/ha for golf course and sports field usage.

Application Method:  Broadcast spread pellets, water in with 15-25mm water as soon as able to wash the saponin active from the TSP. Where irrigation is unavailable TSP can be applied prior to rainfall.

Storage: Keep product dry until applied for optimal performance.


Available in 20kg bags and 50lbs bags.


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