Tea Seed Pellet


Tea Seed Pellet


RICHFIELD Tea Seed Pellet is the residue of tea seeds (camellia seeds) after the oil extraction process and formed into different appearance. The active ingredient with insecticidal properties is tea saponin. This is known to kill earthworms, snails, nematode worms, clams, tadpoles, leeches, predatory fishes and other pests, etc. It can accelerate the growth of algal according to decompose organic fertilizer.

As a 100% organic plant based fertilizer, it has a max. 4% total NPK and 75% organic matters.


Tea Saponin                 15.0~22.0%

Nitrogen                      1.5~2.8%

Phosphorus                 0.3~0.7%

Potassium                   0.5~1.3%min.

Organic matters           65.0~80.0%

Moisture                     9.5%max.


Direct spread


1. It can kill the apple snails, earthworms, etc. in the rice field, vegetable field, flower field and golf courses without any harm.

2. Clean the pond, kill the unusable fish, loach, tadpole, frog-spawn and other aquicolous insects. It also can help shrimps to take off shell easily and enhance the growth of shrimps.

3. It can adjust the trace elements in soil, promote the growth of plant roots, and get ride of pests, diseases, virus, enhance resistance to pests and diseases.

4. It can effectively break down all kinds of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables, remove the oil.

5. It is rich in different kinds of nutrient substances, including protein, sugar, fiber and so on. So it can be used to produce feed and also can be used to feed cattle directly.


Keep product dry until applied for optimal performance.


10kg, 20kg, 25kg, 50kg Kraft/PP bag


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