Amino Acid Liquid Fertilizer


Liquid Amino Acid Fertilizer


RICHFIELD Amino Acid Liquid Fertilizer is a very good effect fertilizer especial on fruits and vegetables who is called AMINO GOLD by farmers. Our liquid has 9 groups of beneficial Microorganisms with high quality food grade organic matters.


Type Total Amino Acid Total Nitrogen Trace Elements
1 30% 10% 1%
2 100g/L 40g/L 37.5g/L
3 220g/L 35g/L 25g/L
4 220 35g/L TE: 25g/L, DA-6:200g/L, Brassin:100g/L, EDDHA-FE:50g/L
5 10% 3% Ca:10%, Mo:1%, B:1%
6 100g/L 40g/L Ca: 180g/L


Liquid spray


1. A source of multiple nutrients and micro-nutrients.

2. Makes soil nutrients more available to plants and promotes symbiotic nitrogen fixation.

3. Significantly inhibits root rot and strengthens root systems.

4. Ameliorates soil ad extends soil fertility.

5. Effectively solubilizes base fertilizers and reduces the effects of salt in the soil.

6. Reduces insect infestation and reduces the need for pesticides.

7. Quickly activates plant immune systems and enhances decease resistance.


Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area. Prevent direct sunlight. Storage area shall be provided with suitable bunding.


1L, 5L, 20L, 200L bottle/tank.


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